The Virgin Sacrifice

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I don’t believe for one moment that the Latin-American Children that have been ripped away from their families was an accident. There have long been rumors of government and business people participating in deep shadow government sacrifices and satanic rituals around the world. The normal human is in dis-belief. Rightly so but these are atrocities that have been going on for centuries.

I have seen it myself in sessions with wonderful people where they were the virgin sacrifice.  Those virgins participated in it. Their families in ancient days were ok or good with their virgin child being sacrificed.

Oh, but here it is. In regression, we get to see what happened as the families and community were not in the room at the time of the sacrifice. The sacrificed virgin never got to speak or tell the story of what actually happened until NOW.

You betcha my friend. It was not pretty. All of the sacrificed realized when it was too late how an ugly being came into the space. They were tricked. It was not a God of wonder and beauty but a being of pure ugly. The terror that the sacrificed went into and oh how the ugly being feasted on the terror. That is what they do. Feast on terror. Think about it. The Terror on War. How we are supposed to be afraid. People are fearful now a days. I say, drop the fear and trust. Surrender and turn to love and awaken. Awaken out of the sleep that the Ugly beings want us in. Don’t numb yourself with drugs, medication or alcohol but choose life. Choose love and when someone talks about their views on politics don’t judge and wait to speak. Listen to them. Feel their fears, hopes and dreams.