The purpose of exploring past lives – deconstruction work

People ask me what the purpose is to exploring past lives?  One of the base reasons is that we store energies in our bodies. The body is like the Soul’s computer memory. For example, lets say that Rosemary was hurt in another life.  Perhaps raped and left at the side of the road to die. She never got to tell anyone what happened. She never got to tell her horrible story. So, unconsciously the wounded part of her grasps onto the present day body to remind herself never to let that happen again. Perhaps never to get caught in a scenerio like that again.

However, truthfully there was a part of her that closed the heart and astral body. What would be ideal is for that person at the time of death to move into her divinity. Letting go of the betrayal and fury and into the wisdom of forgiveness.

I choose the word ideally as that is enlightened behavior. Most of us wouldn’t be there at that capacity of divinity. Instead there would be a stored feeling of animosity, regret and even self hatred for getting into that situation.

When I regress someone into the pain in the body that is stored in this lifetime or perhaps a feeling that is carried in this lifetime such as a impending fear it is as if we cross time and give the person that was raped some closure.

The Great Light/Source

Not all regression is the same. With my way of working a great light opens up and highlights the issue and memory. The great light lets the person feel their divinity. Reclaim their personal power that was robbed from them and bring the personal power deeper into this life.

To me, it feels like we came back for the person. The client, myself and the great light. In other words, you and I and the great light travel to the person in the past and let him or her tell their story, forgive, release and re-integtrate soul qualities and access new soul qualities of your present day divinity waiting to be realized.

Not All is Past Life

Not all things that come up in the past are past life. It could be from something that happened yesterday or even a minute ago. We could tap into the time you were in the womb of your mother, childhood, or teenage anaigst that is stored in the body. When you live with anaigst, it is the silent attraction to other situations that silently vibrate with it.