Clearing A Ghost

  I recently cleared an entity ( ghost ) off some land. Some would call this an exorcism. It was an Indian. I saw how there was a whole tribe that he was connected to at that time and a whole way of life that he loved. It felt really nice, yet there he was a part of him holding onto what was not there anymore. His tribe was gone and he sadly sat stuck in time. Much like I see people who carry issues and emotions with them day to day, weighing them down; attached to the stories and their personality they have become used to.  Often I work with people who come for a session but when the real work comes they run and tell themselves all is good. Thank you Dear Indian fellow for showing me what attachment can look like and what it can do. I am inspired to keep delving into myself and clearing towards the light and helping others who feel called to work with me. I am available for personal work or removing entities and ghosts in Vancouver and Seattle.