A Joyous Shift

” I knew upon meeting Elle that I would work with her. I chose to have a trial session because she offered one after which I knew I would work with Elle. Still I waited for nearly a week to make the commitment not because I had doubts but because I wanted all of me to be all in. I have just completed the 3 months of weekly sessions. I jumped in with both feet because I knew Elle could handle whatever came up and I was safe. I knew she had my back and everything else too. I knew she could see who I really truly am under whatever shields I may be wearing. She could not only see me, she honored me. It was truly her joy and mission to help me drop my shields and shine brighter. I felt loved, fully supported and expertly guided. When you jump in with both feet, shit is going to go down. It will not always be fun but along the way I noticed shifting in myself and in my life. Elle knew when to hold my feet to the fire and when to allow me space. Today was my last session, for now, and I evidently cleared enough crud and released sufficient shielding to invite unadulterated JOY to bounce around with wild abandon. I belly laughed, giggled and laughed out loud, freely, spontaneously, repeatedly, joyously and light-heartedly. I am shifted for good, and so very grateful! Thank you Elle! I am at home now knowing I did something wonderful for myself, my family, my business, and everyone anywhere near me.” Donna W