Advanced Meditation for Meditators

Held at different times. They are non-guided meditation of an hour and half. Email for the next date.

Thursday Evening Meditations 2018 are for everyone

Together we create a sacred circle. It is held every other Thursdays at 7:00pm – 9:00  in  Edmonds (Picnic Point). For more information and Events.

We will go inwards, pray, meditate and do intuitive practices together to build intuition, inspiration and a heart centered Community.  

Perfect for beginners and experienced Meditators. Consistent attendance is preferred so that we can build this safe space together and pass teachings that take time to pass and build upon for depth.


The evening is led by Elle and her partner David. Their training has a foundation of Vedic traditions, Taoist Alchemy, Spiritualism and some Christian traditions. All of which focus on mindfulness and living in the heart. As Initiates, they share some techniques that they have learned on their path of 26 years together. They welcome compassionate energy that creates sacred space and elevates consciousness together.

Please RSVP.