Where: Sessions are held at Soul Works Studio in Edmonds (Picnic Point area), WA (easy access to Hwy. 99 and Freeways in Seattle) or over Skype.  

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To really move your process and make a quantum leap it takes some time and internal dedication. Elle has found it takes about 3 months to make a quantum leap to really shift; therefore, she offers 3 month packages.

Admittedly, it is a little scary to push people away who only want a few sessions but it does little, but give people a false sense that they are doing work on Self by doing occasional sporadic energy healing sessions.  These sessions are powerful and the energy builds once a commitment over a time period is made. Individual sessions are available once you have worked with Elle. That said, she does offer a deal of $75 for a first session to see if this work fits with the both of you. Put another way, Elle is incredibly dedicated to help people who really want to make a shift or get in touch with the deepest part of themselves and their higher self.  To see and heal at the root cause.

Additionally, she offers a package for people who would like a mini-intensive. It is suggested that a mini-intensive is for people who have done a fair bit of work already.

Liquid Sunshine

  • 4 sessions a month for 3 months (12 consecutive sessions)
  • Access to Elle via email and 1 short phone call a month, if needed or some extra time outside of sessions to help your process.
  • It is often helpful to share a cup of tea and talk about what is coming up for you. This can greatly facilitate any questions or process work you have come up during your openings.
  • Guided meditation recording personal to you and your process.

$1500 or Payment plan of 3 payments at $560

The Juice

  • 3 sessions a month for 3 months (9 sessions)
  • Access to Elle via email. This can help facilitate any questions you have during your openings. Letting Elle know where you are at for clear communication and intentions for your process.
  • Guided meditation recording personal to you and your process

$1080 or Payment plan of 3 payments at $403.

Move it – 2 Day Mini Intensive: 

Move it – Mini Intensives are a precious gift to give yourself. Extra self care is needed to make your time at the hotel or home is a peaceful space. The space for 2.5 days is held for you so you can go deep. Also included: Guided meditation recording personal to you and your process.


What a mini intensive looks like:

Day 1 – Evening: session

Day 2 Morning: session

Organic lunch with Elle: Often people learn alot from casual conversation over lunch or tea. A private walk and journal time. A 30 minute rest.

Day 2 Afternoon: session

Day 3: Morning session

Tea: with Elle to recap and ground you back into the world.