Reclaim Your Inner Child

Years ago my son had a friend and I looked after him for several years as they had play dates and he was in our carpool. He had eyes that made me feel I was looking into the eyes of Jesus. I remember one day after school trying to get him into my car, but that day he decided he wanted his mom to get him. I couldn’t convince him to get into my car. He had an iron “will”. Finally, the parking lot was empty and I was the only car there. I went to a Waldorf teacher for help. This male teacher was patient and really listened to this child and together they negotiated and he got into my car. Phew…

Then he moved to Israel where they have to fight. It’s the law. As he left, this child announced to me with great conviction that he would never fight. Hmmm… I thought. This ought to be interesting to see what happens as he grows up. Will he be crushed and do as society says or will he stay true to himself? Will he be allowed to stay true to himself? Knowing his parents, he would have full support to be true to himself so really, it will be peer pressure of society.

So, years later, the day came for him to go the the Army and I heard that everyday (months) he went and announced that he would not fight. Eventually, they found him a desk job. I smile to myself and my heart swells to have known him at such a young age. He was raised to allow himself his own convictions as his brother went into the Army. Both were really their own person and allowed to be.

The Belly – The Will Center

I chalk this up to a strong willed child. His “will” was fostered by his parents. He was never made to do something he didn’t want to at a young age. They saw him as a person. A full person. Truly raised with non-violent communication.

Chances are that you, like me, were made to do things at a young age. Energetically, it looks like a crushed energy center or a ball of fury; bound up. Inside the bounded energy is anger, sadness and perhaps despair. Locked away and the key thrown out. Most adults walk around with this. I see them standing straight but with this bound or walking hunched, and slightly broken.

Reclaim Your Inner Child

Yes, we can. It takes some effort to go back in and reclaim one’s belly. Bringing an inner freedom and a renewed strength. I say renewed as chances are you were like that kid perhaps, but when it came time to get in the car for example, you were made to. There was no hour of negotiating by the adults who looked after you and had your back. Yes, that is right! Your back. Let’s unlock perhaps, your back so it can be held in this lifetime, by you. A stronger you with a stronger and listened to inner child. We can all hold our own back and belly as adults, but what are we holding in their? An inner child that carries submission, doubt of self, grief, fury, anger, depression, or rage… Being in touch with the inner child that is now a Phoenix Child is true freedom.