Forces Behind the War on Humanity

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As I sit here, the fires that are hundreds of miles away in British Columbia are blazing and making our air hazardous. That is not to say we don’t have fires in the Olympia Mountains. We are told they are doing everything they can do to fight the fires. Below is a picture of water bomber planes that have sat in Alberta this whole summer. So, why are they not in use?

It is easy to see that there are Forces at work that want global warming. Not humans, as humans genuinely believe in the good. There is a different Force I am speaking of that is putting out a war on humanity.

As our sea creatures are dying, water being poisoned all over the planet, food being so altered that we are in a state of constant inflammation, our air quality being compromised, and our health care maiming and poisoning people under the name of medication and surgery. I reflect on these issues and don’t blame one government or people. I look beyond the rich elite who are in control and look at who are running them as those human person’s are not even in their bodies. Just look at a picture. Whoa… the eyes are scary.

I look at the Force that is behind it all. Many Healers, Channelers or Progressive speakers have spoken about the Force that is behind humanity.

There is the one Source. The Mother, Father God that loves all. There is another Force that is dark and sinister. It feeds on our pain and negative emotions. In other words, it feeds on our anger, terror and fear. It understands that people are good and need to believe in something. So, in this need to believe, this Force can easily manipulate humans to pick sides. How easy it is to divide and conquer us as a people. Just pit us against each other. Then feed on the energy of disharmony.

This negative Force loves us to pick sides and war against each other. It feasts on this energy.

We have it somewhat right to go to love. Yes, absolutely that is the way, but deep inner work is needed. We don’t even recognize when we are triggered anymore and if we do, we feel justified. Just look at a person talking about the Trump supporters. These people are never glowing with harmony and yet feel justified in negative emotion.  I propose to work through the negative emotion and the lead can turn to gold.  Talk through with it with a friend and notice that it doesn’t really transform but bring validation.  That is why doing healing work with the sacred is so extremely beneficial. Life transforming.

Personally, I work a lot with Kali who rips out energies where these Forces have hooked in. She tears, opens and infuses Shakti light in these weaknesses. If you don’t do something like that, do something so you don’t fall in to validation but harmony. True shakti harmony.