Expansion Support

Expansion Support Using Essences

When going through an expansion of consciousness, it is beneficial to support your human electrical system.  You can recognize when your electrical system needs support as there is a very subtle current in your body. I came to know this current by muscle testing for essences every day over the course of several years. Slowly, after taking them, I began to sense when my electric system needed support and when it didn’t. I noticed that there is a particular feeling in the body when it is brought into balance.

The Perelandra company is unique as they understand the human electric system at a very deep level.

When going through expansions, the body can go out of alignment. The cerebrospinal fluid can get jammed, for example. Supporting the human electric system is a good thing to do when you are getting consistent energy work and going through shifts of consciousness. The reason being as it helps facilitate the cerbial pulse in the spine. With an aligned spine and a wholesome electrical system, you can hold more spiritual connection.

“The underlying foundation for the body’s healing process is its electric system. The healing process is activated and driven by the electric system. If circuits are damaged, the healing-process foundation weakens and the process itself is compromised and weakened. If damaged circuits are repaired, the healing-process foundation strengthens and the body’s healing process becomes fully functional.” The Perelandra Essences p. 16

The Perelandra Essences and how they support the Human Electric System

I like the Perelandra essences as they focus on the human experience. The Perelandra Rose essences focus on stabilizing and balancing as we move forward in the daily process.

The Garden Essences focus on balancing and restoring on every level. Meaning the Soul, physical, mental and emotional levels.

The Rose Essences II are especially helpful for my clients as they focus on expansions. They address the nervous system when going through and integrating an expansion!

Additionally, there are the Nature Essences that focus us at a global level. I believe that this is groundbreaking.

Again, for my clients especially, I would like to highlight the Soul Ray essences which support and integrate past and parallel lives. They assist in shifting the body to integrate the new expansion consciousness. Whether you are going through this type of healing energy work or not, one can use this type of facilitation as we are experiencing lives simultaneously even though we are unconscious of this. Therefore, I have found these soul ray essences to be beneficial.

expansion support What to Buy

I suggest to buy the small “All Essences” dram set. They fit nicely in your hand and can be easier to muscle test than the larger bottles. To be clear, I muscle test for them at different periods in my life, when I can feel my system is going through something. They can help with huge expansions to smaller ones. The can also help facilitate our work together. Moreover, they can even assist with depression, feeling the lack of joy in life or fuzzy thinking.




 Other Support for the Human Electric System

I feel it is really important to mention here that your body has an innate healing capacity. Take more time to let your human electric system integrate in your daily life by getting more sleep. Be out in nature as much as you can. Put your bare feet on the ground. If you live in the city then find somewhere in the concrete jungle that has a piece of nature and let go.

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