Ancestor Patterning & Release

Ancestor patterningOur Ancestors are part of our makeup. It is good to give thanks to them. Sometimes, there can be an influential pattern left behind from them. The good one’s we keep. Say goodbye to the negative influence. Take your life back!

Benefits of Clearing Ancestral Patterns

Clearing out your ancestor patterning can benefit you and your generations to come. In like manner, clearing out your ancestor patterning can foster your child’s health and emotional well-being. It can be a gift you give them that can create healing and sustain them for the rest of their lives. With this intention, raising children to be critical thinkers and to step out of the hive of the family shadow is not an easy task if one is not conscious of it. So, coming to peace with yourself is first and foremost. I say it over and over. Do the work on yourselves. This is what will come forth for your children so that they won’t have to. The more you clear, the more they will have clarity and ancestral patterning that won’t be passed on to them.

To put it differently, we know we carry imprints and ancestor patterning from our parents and they carry them from their parents. The more you come to the table and deal with what is running in the background the more that your child won’t have to. This can be one of the greatest gifts to give your child and future generations to come.

How to Clear Ancestor Patterning

For me, I have committed to sessions where I just show up and do the work on myself. Not knowing what will come up or what I want to work on.  Letting Christ Consciousness guide what is to be healed, cleared, and realized. Your guides would love to have the chance to clear things out of your energy field. Ancestors would love to come through and have you clear things that they did not mean for you to still be carrying. Yet, here we are 7 generations later still carrying dis-ease from their mistakes. Families carry for generations dis-eases and imprints. It is why you are asked what runs in the family when you go to the Doctor.

It does not mean that you will not follow your family genetic patterns. I surely cannot promise that, but one can do the work and see.  Create the freedom for something else. Clean out the muck that isn’t even yours. We owe it to ourselves to not carry this forward and to our future generations to say enough is enough. It ends here and I will imprint my family’s genome structure with the light of consciousness and not carry the shadow of ancestor patterning forward.

This work can be done in person or over skype or the phone in private sessions. Schedule an Introductory session here.