An Evening in Alchemy



Thursday nights at 7-9pm

An evening of meditation and interactive practices for those looking to enhance and strengthen their meditation, chakras and subtle bodies. This group is cultivating an intensity of cosmic fire and best not for beginners.

Prerequisite: A daily meditation practice or strong desire to have one. If you are doing sessions with Elle, you are very welcome and encouraged to come to these evenings as they will help facilitate your process.

Regular attendance is required so that the practices and spiritual connection can magnify.

If you do have a meditation practice, want a safe place to learn more and you are looking for interactive practices to cultivate your chakras and subtle bodies, these powerful and heartfelt evenings may be for you.

The Plan:
7-7:20 Socialising and sharing a cup of tea. Maybe a talk.
7:30-8:15 Chakra meditation.
8:15-9:00 Meditation or interactive chakra practices that are experiential.

Price: By Donation

This evening is led by Elle and her partner David. Their training has a foundation of Vedic/Yogic traditions, Taoist Alchemy, Christianity and Spiritualism. All of which focus on mindfulness and living in the heart. Together, they teach techniques that they have learned on their path of 26 years together. They welcome compassionate energy that creates sacred space and elevates consciousness together. We do sit on the floor in half lotus or a position that is comfortable for you.

* Meditation is not advised within at least 72 hours after use of marijuana or any other narcotic/psychedelic use. CBD oil is fine.