Ayurvedic Oils

Ayurvedic oils for natural healing and devotional assistance

Ayurvedic Oils can be of assistance for healing your body and your spirit. It is important to realize, the ayurvedic oils can target different symptoms, and I believe we can use all the natural assistance that mother earth offers. Additionally, some oils can land a more devotional space, which can help you with your devotional practice. One company that I have found carries outstanding ayurvedic oils.

Ayurvedic Oils

Ayurvedic Oils in Vancouver, BC or Online

Firstly, I am impressed by one company with his high quality of oils, and his vast knowledge on the subject. I remember the day I walked into this store. I was with someone who was having an anxiety attack. We felt pulled to go into this store, and there we found these oils that helped her out. Ever since, I have used this place as a resource for oils. To repeat, the quality of his oils is fantastic. Like no other I have come across. I would like to add, don’t be fooled by his prices, in many places around the world they would ask for more money. For example, some of his oils have been fermenting for over 70 years. He is asking what his market will bear in Vancouver, BC. On the other hand, some common essences seem expensive, but the quality is outstanding.

By all means, you can check out his website and buy from there. If you need extra care, I suggest phoning him as his knowledge on Ayurvedic oils is vast.

In conclusion, I need to add, I don’t get a kick back from listing him as a resource. I just like to spread the word of authentic healing products for my clients and whomever else.

Here is the link: Durga Interiors

3566 West 4th Avenue (at Dunbar)
Vancouver, BC  V6R 1N8    Canada

Phone: 604-738-6699

Elle is an Intuitive Energy Healer helping people facilitate natural healing. Her sessions help people connect to the divine feminine consciousness. Activate chakras and other centers in the body of energy.