Alchemical History on Elle’s the Mystical Path

Alchemical work: For over two decades Danielle, you can call her Elle, has invested time, money and devotion to her healing and alchemical transformation process. She makes this journey with sincere dedication as well as a lightness of being. Together with, her practices of meditation and mystical studies have finely honed her skills, and ability to hold beautiful healing energy work for her clients. Her one on one healing sessions are filled with wisdom and alchemical healing energies. Elle’s sessions bring light and self understanding to her clients. 

Additionally, Elle is a Certified Reiki Master and Teacher in the Usui Ryoho Reiki System. In the 90’s she went through a 9 month rigorous training through the National Spiritualist Association as a Hands on Healer. Additionally, she is an ordained as a Minister through Universal Life Church Ministry. Additionally, she was made an IST (ISIS) Practitioner of Clairvision School in 2009, allowing her to work with the public in deep metaphysical work with over 10 years as a dedicated student of Clairvision. After leaving the Clairvision School she has branched out on her own making her work her own and expanding into even deeper realms of consciousness. Now, her work is steeped in working with the Divine Mother.  Expect surprises when working with Elle and expect your Soul’s lineage of Ascended Masters to come forward.

Work and Education

Additionally, as well as having a BA in Psychology and Healing from Antioch University, Elle also has a BA in Business Management. She has worked as a Stock Broker Assistant, Property Manager as well as in Retail and Hotel Management. Importantly, upon high school graduation, Elle worked as a hair stylist in one of Canada’s leading salons, Suki’s in Vancouver, BC. Elle left that creative world to join the business world. However, this caused her to miss the healing and creative aspect of making people feel beautiful and cared for. Elle’s return to healing brought her full circle, as a result, she brings a wholesome and complete approach to working with people.

Home Life With Her Partner on This Alchemical Path

Happily, Elle has been married for 26 years. Together with her partner and eighteen year old son residing in Seattle, (Edmonds) Washington. They miss their twenty two year old daughter who is travelling in South East Asia. They enjoy the company of a smart cat and a playful dog.

alchemical path

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