ISIS Session

Beyond the ordinary mind is a part of you that is shiny, unique, and bright. It has a voltage of consciousness that rests on levity. Perhaps you know this part well or had or have glimpses of this very precious Soul essence of you.

Join Elle on this intriguing journey to learn more about this precious essence of you, so that you can rest on it daily. Move from it. Speak from it and love from it.

First, lets explain how we go about such a journey. Together you and Elle go into a deep fully conscious meditation space. One where you grow your meditation practice.  Elle facilitates the session with her aspects of  Divine Connections that highlight work to be done in your energy body, physical body and spiritual body. Behind issues, complaints, belief systems is the precious essence your immortality. We release these issues that hold you back so that you can feel and know the truth of who you really are.

Make no mistake about it. This is not work for the meek. It takes a bravery to see aspects of you that you have been hiding from. It takes a strength of character to see energetic attachments that you have collected since childhood. These attachments that have been protecting you in a non-open way. They served you then and perhaps now, but as we work, you will rest on the true you and be ready to let go of such energetic impactions that effect your thoughts and health.

You are an aspect of God. Truly a divine being living in a human body, but through a lifetime or lifetimes of accumulated patterning, a chaotic mess of life has impacted you. Therefore, discover and integrate the depth and beauty of your soul’s essence while unraveling parts of you that can shift. The parts of you that you didn’t even realize could shift.

The journey can include:

  • Energetic attachment removal.
  • Deep set cord removal that can’t be cut by doing it yourself through the mind or imagination. Basically, if a cord keeps coming back it was not cut in the first place.
  • Sourcing issues at their root cause and healing symptoms.
  • Soul retrieval.
  • Releasing impactions and owning powerful parts of you from past, present and parallel lives. As all of these are stored on a somatic level in the body.
  • Delicate Inner Child work.
  • Experience the metaphysical aspects of your nature.
  • Come in touch with bigger parts, parts beyond the ordinary mind, states of simply ‘being’.
  • Infusion of your light body, and higher self.

Expect delightful surprises, but realizing you need to be bad ass to do this journey with Elle as it takes bravery to meet aspects of yourself and inner resistances. Thus, quantum leaps on a Soul level.

Nature Activation Session

On a different note, Elle offers Nature Activation Sessions where you integrate nature on a deep metaphysical level. There are metaphysical energy wells all over the earth, and you instinctively gravitate to them. They give you energy and vitality. So, you might not have known about energy wells, but naturally it is why you love to go to certain areas in nature.

In short, Elle has an ability to transport you energetically back to your special place in nature and take you into the energy well.  She facilitates, guides and guards you. Making sure that you are safe, held and protected while you interact with nature on it’s deepest mystical and spiritual level. Perhaps, there are fairies, flower beings or even whales waiting to work with you.

If you want to do this Nature Activation work email Elle directly to see if it is a fit for you.


Clear Thinking

Attachment Removal

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