Visioning – Insight

Visioning to be your own coach from higher dimensions

Visioning: Connect to Higher Dimensions For Inner Guidance

This visioning mini session, 45 minutes

Enter the third eye meditation based Visioning space with me and find your way through the doubts and questions of your conscious mind. We work from the place where you can access your own inner coach from a higher conscious perspective. Your soul knows what is best for you. Ultimately, take a journey with me to understand what confounds you in your everyday life.

Session Details

This is a 45 minute session over skype preferably, or phone and headset. As a rule, if you are new to meditation, it is best to have had at least one Inner Journeying session, so that you are comfortable in the Third Eye Space.

For this session, please make sure you have a good headset. Be sitting up in meditation posture as this session rests on the space of meditation.

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