Victim: Transposing the Victim and Predator Mentality

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Transposing the Victim and Predator Mentality

I love to work with people to help get them out of their victim characters. First, to clear energy blocks, so that you can stand confident and true. Not only that, but to awaken the part of you that also resonates with the predator. As, wherever there is a victim, a predator is somewhere there. Even deeply buried. It can take some fun energy work to find this part in a person. I think elephants are a great symbol for this topic.

The victim analogy

I’ve been thinking recently about the whole concept of being a predator. Again, the victim being preyed upon, or being used. When I think about it, I do so with thoughts of animals, and more and more, I begin to think about the elephant. Elephants aren’t predators. They don’t chase down animals and eat them. Elephant aren’t predators, but they aren’t pushovers either. Elephants stand their ground. Elephants are solid, strong, and independent. Yet, they work in the herd. They don’t prey on others, and use their herd mates to get ahead. They don’t get take advantage either.  I wonder if part of the whole concept of Ganesh as an elephant isn’t really an understanding of how the elephant is neither a predator, nor a victim.

Transposing the victim character

Symbolically elephants can help us visualize our place in life. Elephants can help us see how we can be part of a group and how we can work well with others. We can lean on each other, and yet we do not need to take advantage of each other, and consume each other in our way of advancing and moving our personal journeys onward.

Being strong and strong.

A strong elephant enhances the herd, eats well, looks after its’ children and its’ mate in a very sort of social communal way. An elephant is very rarely the target of the predator. An elephant is large, energetically solid, stable and stands its’ ground. It doesn’t need to prey on other animals and it does not fear being preyed upon as it is utterly confident in its strength and power.

It is this strength, power and certainty that allows it to move forward and achieve what it can. To be like the elephant is to be strong and confident.  Moreover, having what you need is not, then, a function of taking it from others, but rather a space of doing what you want and need, synergistic-ally and within the natural order of the universe.

Victim Character Work

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