Transpersonal Healing

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Transpersonal Healing For Awakening 

Some of the greatest transpersonal healings can happen when you make a commitment to sessions over a period. Letting go of seeking immediate results. In other words, making a commitment to yourself to do this work, and not be on fix it mode.  Meaning, not coming with a pre-conceived idea of what you want fixed within, or want to work on. For example, many seek a Healer when going through a relationship breakup. Indeed, I welcome this type of work to help heal hearts, and I have impressive results with this. However, it is a different ball game to come surrendering to what the Divine (Christ Consciousness) would like to work on for you over a time.

The Divine Can Have a Plan For Transpersonal Healing

I have found that given the opportunity, the Divine has a plan for your healing on a soul level. It is far bigger than what you and I can conceive. When clients make a commitment to show up. To do this work over a period, I have noticed that the Divine lands and has a plan. What I mean, often I don’t know where the Divine is going. In hindsight I am in awe every time!

To put it differently, it is not the same if a client doesn’t make a commitment of sessions. The space does not land in the same way. Sessions are still good. Great in fact, but they don’t give the Divine the opportunity to take it’s time. Shifting and passing something to you in the same way.

Transpersonal Cooking

For example, sessions can be very cathartic and then suddenly there is a basking space that lands. The Divine is preparing you. Many people get bored with this basking as they don’t understand it. To explain, Yogi’s call this cooking. It is where a certain fire has lands and Meditators sit for years cooking. There are shifts in this cooking. I might add, it can be uncomfortable. This is where serious Meditators are known to quit their practice. To get squirmy and frustrated. On a side note, if you are a serious Meditator and find this happening to you, I recommend keeping sitting. Perhaps give yourself the gift of some help with a few sessions to help make a breakthrough. Their is something profound having someone else hold the space for you.

I have seen countless times a cooking space happening. Then low and behold a cathartic release often happens following the basking. The client’s energy gets rearrangements by the Divine and not by a human. What I mean is big rearrangements versus someone working on let’s say balancing your chakras.

Take Your Time for Transpersonal Healing

Another key point, sometimes you are just not ready to see something or make a shift in your energy. The Divine knows this and takes it’s time laying a foundation. What I witness every time is that the Divine is very intentional. Often people stop working when the basking happens, or when someone hits something uncomfortable. However, with persistence, this is when something can really happen on a transpersonal level.

Trusting Your Commitment and the Divine

This takes a fair amount of trust on the client’s part to keep showing up for themselves. Not seeking immediate results. It also takes a fair amount of energy on my part to get out of the way of the Divine. To constantly tune in to facilitate this work. Co-working with the Divine and trusting that the Divine always knows where it is going.

In conclusion, amazing healings can happen when you come with an intention. I love to work on these intentions for you. In short, something else can land for you though. When you just simply make a commitment to yourself, and do this work without knowing where it is going. As the Divine knows if given the glorious opportunity. 

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