The Shadow

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The Shadow Side of the Ego and Benefits Of Working On It

The Shadow
An example of how aspects of the Shadow can be created. Whether it is the victim or the persecutor.

The shadow side of the ego can make your life easy if you acknowledge it and better yet work on it. I believe that in true inner work, this shadow needs to be deconstructed. To often we live from a place of self defense and it is my intention to hold a healing and safe space for you to open and feel the parts of you that are not Holy.  The parts of you that react to what someone has said for example. Why does one person react and another respond? The reaction is the shadow. Even if many people are reacting with you, it doesn’t make it right, often this justifies the shadow.  When we work on the shadow we see and respond differently. There is a natural peace that we can live in.

An Example of the Shadow Holding Me Back

For example, I remember a powerful past life session I had. Yes, we will go into those. In a past life I was part of the underground in Germany for transporting Jews out of Germany. I got caught. In this life it affected me – by my wanting to hide my light. Be small – as I failed. I felt like a failure at times in this life. Alot of that was from imprints of that life. I didn’t know it of course, but came to sessions working on why I was being “small”.  What I was shown was fascinating to me.

I saw some of the Jews that I helped being lined up and shot. Here is the thing, in the line up, some of the Jews stood in fear, but there were about 5 outstanding people who stood there without fear and were in a prayer state. I saw them go to light whereas those who were in fear didn’t go to that beautiful space. The others reacted, fair enough you say, but what of those precious 5 people that didn’t react?  I think of them sometimes and what I saw in that session. It has motivated me to keep working on myself so that under any circumstance I can stand there in such a space of love, like I witnessed them do.

Just a side note: we are not doing this work to get into the story/drama of our past lives, but to clear the trauma so that we carry and make room for opening. In that life I died being mad at God for letting them all die and it impacted me unconsciously in this life. I saw how I closed in that situation to God and was given the opportunity to heal.

My being small was the shadow side. I hid. Now, here I am sharing such a profound and internal part of my journey. This was not a fast process, but truly has been a journey.

Stop Counting How Long It Will Take To Deconstruct Your Shadow

Good grief, if you ask how long your work will take with me, then I see this as spiritual materialism. We can’t quickly do a few sessions and expect such shifts, but show up, commit deeply to ourselves and our process and enjoy each step along this amazing journey away from the ordinary mental consciousness where people rarely change.

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