Meditation While Raising Children

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Meditating while Raising a Family Can Have Many Benefits Meditating and Raising a Family often do not go hand in hand. Finding the time to meditate can be difficult. Developing my deep solo meditation practice at home has benefited my family far more than I had ever anticipated. My husband and I committed to meditating […]

Character Work

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Character work for trans-personal awakening I remember a client saying to me after I gave her a beautiful session that was steeped in angelic connection, ‘you need to wear a long flowing cape’. She was referring to dressing in a Spiritual Character; how she perceived what a person doing what I do, should dress and […]

Entities and their Influence

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Entities / attachments and their unsuspecting influence Recently I spent some time with some of my favorite people who do not know about entities. They are really good hearted people. If they did understand this subject, perhaps they could have influenced their son’s marriage. Learn how. Classic entity behavior: Isolation Over breakfast they spilled their […]