The Shadow

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The Shadow Side of the Ego and Benefits Of Working On It The shadow side of the ego can make your life easy if you acknowledge it and better yet work on it. I believe that in true inner work, this shadow needs to be deconstructed. To often we live from a place of self defense […]

Meditation While Raising Children

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Meditating while Raising a Family Can Have Many Benefits Meditating and Raising a Family often do not go hand in hand. Finding the time to meditate can be difficult. Developing my deep solo meditation practice at home has benefited my family far more than I had ever anticipated. My husband and I committed to meditating […]

Sleep Paralysis

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Sleep Paralysis Resolution Sleep paralysis isn’t ‘just’ a neurosis, a base fear, a nightmare, or a hallucination. I am here to tell you that it could well be a real experience. Have you felt that sensation when lying in bed, of being awake and unable to move? Of having a weight on your chest, and […]

Create Your New Reality

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Create Your New Reality Create your reality to be happy, interesting and fun. For example, imagine your neighbor being utterly happy. The world could be crumbling around her, but she knows how to feel spiritual connection’s support. While other’s are upset, she feels love and peace. You see, the outer circumstances don’t matter for peace […]


Alchemical History on Elle’s the Mystical Path Alchemical work: For almost two decades Danielle, you can call her Elle, has invested time, money and devotion to her healing and alchemical transformation process. She makes this journey with sincere dedication as well as a lightness of being. Together with, her practices of meditation and mystical studies […]


Feedback From Those Who Worked with Elle and her Energy Work   For privacy reasons faces and names are confidential: This client (BE) does a mixture of Visioning and Inner Journeying: Hey Elle,   There’s so much benefit to the weekly sessions especially now going through this time. Every week there’s something I would never expect […]


Welcome Spiritual Seekers! I’m Elle. I am an advocate for expanding consciousness through inner healing, awakening and meditation.    I offer 3 types of sessions: Nature Activation Inner Journeying Visioning   Nature Activation Swim with the whales! Interact with the Nature Beings on a deep soul level. Receive a gift from nature into your subtle bodies! […]

Inner Journeying

Clearing Yourself  Through Inner Journeying. Yes we can! Clearing: If you are a spiritual seeker like me, you are probably not interested in buying into a system that medicates ourselves and our young. This very medication that we are told heals us, gives us side effects that attacks other areas in our body. Creating a […]