Spiritual Art For Sale

 spiritual art
For Sale $795 3″ by 4″ 

Spiritual art is one of Elle’s specialities. With that, her paintings focus on bringing spiritual spaces from her deep meditations. Where you can feel certain cosmic or archetype spaces that will bring something to your life. Moreover, her art can help facilitate deep inner spaces and experiences for you. Bring her spiritual art into your home and be inspired. Additionally, the good energy of the painting will attract more good energy into your home.

With this intention, the above painting is inspired from Elle’s time meditating in a cave outside of of Rishikesh, India. It is said, that this special cave is where an Indian Saint reached enlightenment. As a matter of fact, Elle had very profound experiences in this cave while meditating. Interestingly, some of the best meditations of her life! Hence th painting.

In the light of this, the painting intends to bring the space of the cave that has cosmic energy, that can be felt on the original canvas.  Finally, stand or sit in front of the painting and feel the inner stillness.

For purchase, please contact Elle directly

Spiritual Art Done On Walls

Additionally, visit Elle’s other site for paint on walls which focuses on spiritual art. This method is called Lazure. It is executed with the intention of landing healing spaces of consciousness into the room for children and adults. This is a form of painting, founded by Rudolf Steiner. It is applied by layering luminous water color glazes onto the walls. It brings a feeling and beauty into the room. Occupants often feel a sense of awe, just as it is to be in nature.  To see more of her work and her on-line course for painting walls, see Lazure Finishing.

Now, Elle offers the ON-line Course and she concentrates painting on canvasses with her years of experience landing spaces with paint.


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