Thursday Evening Meditations 2018 are for everyone 

Come and experience realms of stillness and beyond. This evening employs real and effective techniques for beginners and advanced meditators with the intention of building a weekly space that enhances people’s practices, bringing support and growth to your meditation, vision and chakra cultivation.

“Close the door of words that the window of your heart may open.
To see what cannot be seen turn your eyes inward and listen, in silence.” Rumi


You can also go to our Meetup: Spiritual Revolution Meditation Meetup or visit us on Facebook.

The Plan:
7-7:20 Socializing and sharing a cup of tea. Maybe a talk.
7:20-9:00 Guided meditation and practices

Price: By Donation
***We need to keep the energy clean. Therefore, marijuana or any other narcotic/psychedelic users should not come within a minimum of 72 hours after use.

The evening is led by Elle and her partner David. Their training has a foundation of Vedic traditions, Taoist Alchemy, Spiritualism and some Christian traditions. All of which focus on mindfulness and living in the heart. As Initiates, they share some techniques that they have learned on their path of 26 years together. They welcome compassionate energy that creates sacred space and elevates consciousness together.

Please RSVP.

For healing support on your personal process: Schedule your $75 Introductory session or free 45 minute Consultation over the phone with Elle.