Seattle Intuitive Energy Healer

Sessions are held at Soul Works Studio in Edmonds, WA (easy access to Hwy. 99 and Freeways in Seattle) or over Skype.  If you don’t respond in Skype and have a deep experience, you won’t be charged for the session.


Nature Activation Session:
You do not need a series of sessions as they stand on their own. It is an hour and half to two hour session in person.  $145.
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Intuitive Energy Healing Session: It is best to do a series of sessions. A session is an hour and half to two hours in person or over skype.
Rate per session – $120 scale rates apply
Packages are available.
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Check in Session: For people working with Elle.  A session is 45 minutes over skype. $75
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What one person says: “Initially, I was unsure of how a Skype session would work, and if the experience would be as purposeful as a face to face meeting. After the initial session with Danielle it was clear that she brought a warmth and presence, even from a physical distance. Working with Danielle has enabled me to see aspects of my life from a new and much clearer perspective. I would absolutely recommend Danielle’s methods to anyone looking to bring more clarity to their current situation.” SJ. Alberta