Nature Activation

This session tends not be slaying the inner dragon work but healing on a nature level.  Prerequisite: You do need to have a place in nature that you like to go to or have been to. A place that you have visited. It could even be as simple as your garden. You must have been there.


There are energy wells all over the earth, and we instinctively gravitate to them. They give us energy. So, you might not have known about energy wells. However, naturally it is why you love to go to certain areas in nature.  Presently, you can reflect on a peaceful spot in nature and sense what I am talking about.

In short, I have an ability to transport you energetically back to your special place in nature and take you into the energy well.  I facilitate, guide and guard you. I make sure that you are safe, held and protected while you interact with nature on it’s deepest mystical and spiritual level.

Not everything in nature is loving. Accordingly, my years of experience and intense training know how to interact with all aspects for your greatest good, so that you are safe and receive the gift that nature is so wanting to pass and give to you.

Expect surprises! Delight! Healing! Guidance! Spiritual Awakening! Who from? The celestial beings, nature beings and divine light that are landed there waiting to work with you on this metaphysical level.

I was first introduced to Nature Activations by a Teacher, Rosa Droescher in 2008. She called it something different. Sharing some experiences with you:

Meeting a Celestial Teacher

I used to often walk a beach on Vancouver Island when I lived there. At times, I would just sit and watch the waves. Eight years later, after having moved away I had a session and let myself be transported by my Facilitator back to that peaceful spot.

It turned out that on that beach the natives did sacred whaling rituals there. My Facilitator and I saw and felt part of that powerful ritual. There was a celestial being that was part of the ritual and for a time afterwards (about one year) he became my teacher. I remember meditating and he would stand behind me with a long whale bone and jab about a foot below my root chakra and tell me to breath into that space.  

At that time, I was not able to see the spiritual world, but he opened something up for me as I was a little bit afraid of seeing. He was so pure that he helped me to trust my vision and open to him. To be fair, it was not just him that opened my vision, but the Inner Journeying work that I was also doing along with the Visioning sessions that helped me to keep sensing him as it is easy to go back to daily life and forget that to be a seeker takes discipline and dedication.

Swimming with the Whales

In another session, I wanted to go back to that same beach on Vancouver Island. Years previously, I used to let my daughter play in the sand as I gazed out at the ocean. My Facilitator transported me there. Just where I used to sit on a beach log.

I learned from my previous session that the beach was a former sacred whaling beach where native Indians performed rituals. It was not surprising then that I came in touch with the whales. I found myself swimming with them. It was amazing! Gosh, one exclamation mark does not do the experience justice.

I remember being a little freaked out to say the least, but this is where my Facilitator talked me through and held me in the space ever so nicely, so that I could go into the experience that was clearly waiting for me. The experience opened me beyond what I can write here. 

A Gift From a Nature Being

I have another unique experience to share. One summer, I went camping in Bend Oregon with my husband and two kids. We went hiking and once when we were on a trail, we came upon a beautiful land energy. It was an energy well. We all stopped and felt this energy spot for a few minutes.

A year after this camping trip I had my first Nature Activation session.  I choose to to this beautiful spot on the trail. Being it was an energy well, I found myself energetically sinking into an obsidian rock cave. I sat there for some time basking in this deep energy. My subtle bodies attuning into the space.

Then, my Facilitator told me to look up. It was at the same time I had been looking up but she didn’t know it. There was a nature being flying down with a crystal in hand. The nature being looked like a fairy. She/he placed the crystal in my third eye. I must say that was one unforgettable experience. One that I am probably reaping the benefits from today but this is all beyond the ordinary mind of materialism.

A Healing From a Fire Being

Nature Activation

For the purpose of sharing an example so that you get the idea of what these can do for you, one Nature Activation session that I gave to someone was a totally different and unexpected healing for the client. The client went to a childhood memory of adding wood into a fire and being very scared. I held her ever so gently in that session as she looked into the fire.

As she looked into the childhood fire that I transported her back to, she came in touch with a massive Fire Being. We humans think that fires get lit accidentally, but fires are a part of nature. It is the Fire Being’s job to take part of a forest. This was the Being she came in touch with. It took some time of reading the energy and getting her to trust the Being. Once she did however, she went through a huge healing. She was awe-inspiring.

Later, when she came out of the session, she shared with me that when she was a child, she was caught in a house fire and tragically lost a brother to the fire. This session had a far bigger healing purpose than my human mind had known and she was no longer afraid of fire.  She understood fire on the level of nature.

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