Finding the Gold within

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So often when I say I do energy work people think of laying on the table in bliss. Having someone landing a warm energy and walking out feeling good. I ask though how long that lasts for? It feeds the Ego. It feeds the Ego for the Energy Worker and for the client.  For both “I am spiritual”. This, I feel is a misconception and superficial.

To put it another way, the other day someone asked me how I got into Energy Work. I said I started my path as a hairdresser making people feel beautiful and here I am 35 years later still serving people to feel beautiful. She said “oh yes, a good energy work session makes one feel beautiful”. Ughhh, I thought.

I misrepresented my work. First there needs to be deconstruction. Here one goes through a falling apart of belief systems that were programmed. One does not feel beautiful in that process. One feels ugly, confused or even doesn’t know who they are anymore. Yay!! We have a shadow side. A side that isn’t beautiful. Has negative thoughts, judgements and preconceptions. Shatter that and under it all is the prize. The light of Self. The light that wants the light. Knows the light.

How long will that take? It’s a journey. So often in this culture people want it now. Pop that medication pill. Take that toke and feel peaceful. It isn’t true. It is not true peace. It does not serve us to think there is a fast track. The Work, true esoteric energy work is a journey. An unravelling to meet the Self. Sometimes you will walk out of a session perplexed and then another time in love with your self and connection. It is clearing.

Am I cleared? No, I am still dedicated to working in myself. Loving myself deeply though and not defensively, but openly. I can therefore serve and give. I can keep clearing and seeing my shadow. Amen to the bravery of seeing the shadow and the light. I am not perfect and I don’t need to be as you do not. Join me on this journey of delving for more gold in oneself. Clearing the murky layers on this amazing journey of self discovery and alignment to the Divine Christ Consciousness. The more we clear the murk, the more we align.

I rejoice in the light and murk in you,


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