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Earth is a School House

Let me explain. It is part of the natural order of things that your Guides, your higher self, and high Christed beings highlight your issues for you to work through.  As you know, Earth is a school house. It can be fun and very painful at times. Patterns can be worked on over a lifetime. For example, the same issues can keep coming up in relationships and friendships. They can play out in the work force, family life and in traffic. It is a common observation that if we don’t get something, the Universe will make the issues harder. Therefore, things can play out in our life in a more drastic way.

Use sessions as a School House, Making Life Easier and More Pleasant

Hence, this work I am offering makes life so much more entertaining and inspiring as you consciously work with your Guides and an Esoteric Healing Team. They highlight issues/patterns/belief systems in sessions vs. out in life which as you know can take years instead of hours. As you work on yourself, your higher self comes forward in this work. This is where I step in as often you wouldn’t even realize your higher self and the Magnificence as we as humans and so used to being in the smaller part. This takes tender time and care for me to hold this for you and for you to acknowledge this part and step into it. Sometimes it is like a Portal opening to yourself and heavenly beings. Your consciousness can only adapt to a certain magnitude. So that is why sessions take a time commitment over a period of time as it is in the natural order of things to take two steps forward and then one step back. It is natural to reject heaven and then open. The more you open to heaven within, the more it is like a magnet in your life opening and drawing in more of heavenly aspects for you. Thus creating an inspired life.


If you would like to accelerate your relationship with heaven within, schedule your free visioning session.

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