Creating Healthy Relationships

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Creating Healthy Relationships

Creating healthy relationships with family, friends and a partner takes work, and is so worth it. It can be a self healing journey. To live a life of emotional freedom is my inner goal. One where I can set boundaries comfortably and take no nonsense, yet be accepting and have toxic people naturally drift away.

creating healthy relationshipsCreating healthy relationships and boundaries, for me, feels like I am running on a sandy beach in the sunshine, or being a cat chasing its tail happily leaping, playing and throwing myself in the air.

Can you feel it? The exhilaration. The joy of life. The way we were meant to live and be with each other.

Creating Relationships of Acceptance

Creating relationships where we can live in the moment, content with our friends is a gift in life. To accept our friends just the way they are is a gift to our friends and ourselves. Truly, just being with them. Accepting them. Loving them with all their idiosyncrasies that make them (them).

Creating Relationships with Emotional Freedom

Doing this work allows you to be around people and not feel resentment or anger when they speak out. Some speak out to push your very button. It is the opposite of their victim character. Moreover, it runs unconsciously in them. This not knowing they are creating angst in relationships, but for you, it hits this button. Some call it toxic people. Some people do it on purpose, but if you have no button to hit, then you can just see them doing it without a reaction. You can speak comfortably with boundaries.

Creating a Life Where You Don’t See Toxic People

More importantly, there is a trend to get rid of toxic people. Identify them in our lives,and say goodbye. However, I suggest when you do this deep internal healing work, then there is no such thing as toxic people. You see them differently. In fact, you don’t judge so much. You see them for who they really are and what they are really trying to say. I can tell you that with all the sessions I have given people, Spirit never judges! Judging each other is a human thing.

So, stepping out of judging makes relationships different. This is my specialty with people. Come to a session upset with a friend, a lover or a situation. Let’s do the work on your reaction. By doing this, then you have no button. You have cleaned it up. Replaced is an open heart. Your own truth in your heart where there is a special inner confidence. By working on reactions with me and spirit, you will get to know who you are deep inside (on a whole different and new level). The bottom line is, you will begin to accept yourself onhte deepest level. Once you accept yourself, you can accept others for their idiosyncrasies. In the best way, relationships deepen and your heart is magnified because you can openly love yourself and others around you. Love them for who they are, or who they want to be.

Toxic People Then Drift Away

This is not to say to keep toxic people in your life. Interestingly, watch them naturally drift away as you change. More importantly, not burning a bridge but growing away from them while keeping all doors and your heart open.

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