Create Your New Reality

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Create Your New Reality

Create your reality to be happy, interesting and fun. For example, imagine your neighbor being utterly happy. The world could be crumbling around her, but she knows how to feel spiritual connection’s support. While other’s are upset, she feels love and peace. You see, the outer circumstances don’t matter for peace and happiness. Imagine how she is involved in the world. She is grounded and active. Ultimately, she is following source energy. She could have reached this by being this way when she was born, but at some time on her soul’s journey, she would have had to have done some deep inner work to get to this beautiful connected space.

There are many ways to create this reality of  this neighbor. Well, one could do nothing and live life as it is. That would shift nothing. Two, one could read books and talk to friends about what they read. That would do something for sure. Very slowly though, as we tend to have friends like us, so we resonate together. It is the law of attraction. Three, we could meditate and do yoga. That would do something for sure, but once again it is slow. Finally, we could incorporate reading, seeking, friendships, yoga and meditation. Along with some deep inner work.

Create with Deep Inner Work

For starters , family and DNA patterning impacts your reality. Along with experiences and imprints from your childhood. As well as patterns from your soul’s journey because you carry imprints with you from lifetime to lifetime. In essence, you see through rose color glasses.

Release and clear family patterning and your DNA will change. Similarly, heal the imprints from lifetimes that impact this lifetime and watch yourself gently step into a new Reality.

 Shifting Your Reactions Helps You Step Into A New Reality

The reactions that you have, keep you in your reality. Similarly, your neighbor and your friends could have the same reactions as you, helping you feel justified in anger, and frustration. We tend to align with these people who are on our same vibration.

You see, often a situation or experience has layers of past negative imprints. Therefore, unconsciously you react from the imprint that needs healing. This is why people over react. However, you won’t just shift by doing some sessions on your reactions, generally speaking. You need to unravel the charge. Reactions bundle together.

Unravel your charge and now you are shifting on a real level and create something you want

create a new reality
Not all charges are the same size

This charge is past situations or past lives layered together and can be like a volcano erupting. Unfortunately it does not erupt and then stop forever. Another situation just like it will create exactly the same reaction again and again.

This is where some processing work can have real lasting value. Decide now to work on a common reaction in your life. It is never about the situation or person triggering it, but about your reaction. Whether it is depression, anger, or frustration to name a few; you go into past lives and heal these situations. Your heart and spirituality then open in this process and the reactions disintegrate. Just as an onion. Soon, there is no charge.

Once, you start to release the charge, you will see life differently, more from an open heart, and therefore a whole different reality. A reality where you think clearer and more intuitively as negative emotions block intuition.  Another way to put it, charged emotions block intuition and clear thinking.

An example of no reactions where in the past there would have been some

For example, take the elections this year. Having been part of voting in a caucus I observed many people being discouraged, angry, and frustrated as the process was long and very convoluted. Having done so much work on my internal process, I never felt these emotions. I was able to run with the flow and volunteer when I could. It was very fun for me. I vibrated with excitement for days afterwards even though the day did not go as I would have liked. In the past, having been treated like that at a caucus I would have been run by my charge and would have wigged out.

An example of a shifted charge and a new reality

Another example of releasing charges is I used to have a reality that my neighbor was nuts. A horrible person. So, every time we would get into an argument I would go into a session about her. Of course going into it of how she was awful. This was my charge. I saw it as she drove all the neighbors nuts and loved to sue people. Now, after taking these reactions into sessions and releasing my charge, I see her differently.

Last weekend she sent me an email accusing my son of being on her property and vandalizing it; she was going to the police to report my son. My son did not go anywhere near her property. Can you see how she was in a charge of reaction? Instead of me moving into fear, I was able to tune into her and for the first time feel her fear and what was behind it.  I could feel how she was not insane and looking to provoke me. Shockingly, I felt nothing but peace. The new me without a charge stood my ground with her and had strong boundaries and the situation dissolved. I moved into compassion instead of my story of living next to a crazy lady.

Create your Reality Now

In conclusion, creating your reality takes some inner work at some time on the soul’s journey. If you have done this already, chances are you would not be on this page. You would not be resonating here. Whether you choose to do it now or at some other time is up to you, however, I suggest there is no time to lose to move into a shifted reality where you are truly happy, joyful and living your best life.


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