As an Intuitive Energy Healer, Elle is a channel that gives results. She helps align you to your Divinity, Spiritual Connections and your Higher Self. Elle’s sessions help you unlock and discover the essence and truth of you.

Through this unlocking and expansion into your Soul, a beneficial deconstruction can happen. This is process work at an alchemical level. Turning your lead, the weight of reactions, conditioning and patterning from society, parental, and past lives to name a few of the internal weights; into the gold of the Divine and Divinity that can be alchemically forged with love.

Elle specializes in decharging emotions and reactions, inner child work, attachment clearings, past life clearings, releasing other people’s imprints from your energy. As a Facilitator, she guides you into a deep meditation space where you are fully conscious and are your own healer. In the alchemical process as you let go, the gold of the divine forges into your body of energy allowing your ego to shine with the light of your divinity. This is real work for people who truly want to step out of their matrix and awaken.

Session Details:

Sessions are held over skype or in Edmonds (Picnic Point).  Schedule a complimentary 40 minute Session. Come with a question.