Clearing Yourself  Through Inner Journeying.
Yes we can!

Clearing: If you are a spiritual seeker like me, you are probably not interested in buying into a system that medicates ourselves and our young. This very medication that we are told heals us, gives us side effects that attacks other areas in our body. Creating a breakdown, and a further dependency, on the system. Leaving our families with huge medical bills and an incredible stress on our families.

You might also understand that organs hold certain emotions and can cause dis-ease. If we acknowledge and heal these emotions then our organs can heal. Our bodies can carry less stress. Not only that but, every time a scalpel cuts into your muscles, your meridians, chakras and your energy centers are damaged. For me, surgery then is a last resort.

Clearing with Christ Consciousness

Clearing Energy Blocks For Higher Consciousness and Health

Meditation naturally stirs issues as you silence your mind. Therefore, through this healing technique we will:

  • deepen your meditation practice
  • access deep levels where root causes reside.
  • step out of belief systems that hinder and hold you back.
  • address causes rather than symptoms.
  • experience the metaphysical aspects of your nature.
  • come in touch with bigger parts, parts beyond the ordinary mind, states of simply ‘being’.

Indeed, working with me is a continuation of the journey you are already on.

In short, through this meditation based healing you can:

  • Raise the voltage of consciousness to think faster, clearer and with a connected divine consciousness.
  • Strengthen your meditation practice
  • Know yourself on a deep soul level and recognize and strengthen yourself and your subtle bodies.
  • Create more will to be, and live how you want to live, not how another wants you to live.

One person shares:

“I used to struggle with feeling seen or heard. While working with Elle, I did not expect, when we discovered a cord to my brother, that I’d find my voice. I discovered that I had allowed the cord to suppress all my wantings in exchange for a false sense of security. Mapping the cord let me see how I had allowed my brother to energetically pull on me, and create a little voice in my head that informed me that no one wanted to hear what I had to say. While working with Elle, we mapped and cleared the cord, helping me to find my inner wantings and discover that I had a voice and now I always feel seen and heard. What a gift.” B.M.

Session Details:

Sessions are held over skype or in Seattle. They are an hour and a half to two hours.

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