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Character work for trans-personal awakening

I remember a client saying to me after I gave her a beautiful session that was steeped in angelic connection, ‘you need to wear a long flowing cape’. She was referring to dressing in a Spiritual Character; how she perceived what a person doing what I do, should dress and act like.

This can be a good way to really own a space and realize it in oneself, but it is dressing as a character and in my opinion, is a false awakening and a way to step into the false ego of ‘I am spiritual’. Now that said, because I have deconstructed this character I can easily use it, given that characters are not bad to use. I can slip on the clothes (props), the voice and the conversation that the character is inclined to have. Those who know me, know that I don’t operate from this character any more.

Identifying with a character versus using it

People often refer to me as ‘spiritual’ and a part of me cringes when I hear that. It is a set up for failure.  I remember an event prior to deconstructing my Spiritual Character, when I told my Energy Worker that “I go with the flow”. She jumped all over that one. Thankfully, she saw this, as I was setting myself up as high and mighty, and as a human one does not always go with the flow, no matter who you are. It would have been so much different had I said “I try to go with the flow”.

The more I do this work, the more I realize I am awakening to, yes my spirit, but also my humanity. Being a better human; in the beginning, I did the work so I would go on a different trajectory in my next life. Perhaps not even have to come back for another life.  I’d think that I am so good that I don’t have to come back.

Thank goodness I have deconstructed that part of righteousness that the spiritual character demonstrates. With this false thinking there is always a flip, so the other thought pattern is “I am not so good”. It is a flip flop in the unconscious, or false humility. Just as the business person could think “I am the hot dog” then flip to having to prove it to themselves, as deep down it isn’t a realized truth. It is not full acceptance of self. There is a reason why the Buddhists say ‘just be”.

character work for tran-spersonal awakening

Using a character

I do see characters as important. Put on a parent character, work character or a spouse character, for example. How do they dress? What props do they use? This is one way to awaken a little bit, by learning how to use a character. Then take off the props of the character and jump into another character and notice the thinking and how it feels to be in that character.

I believe that this is part of what makes us so captivated by actors. There is something that shifts in their energy. Perhaps it is more vulnerability than their person can hold and a way of awakening to parts of themselves. They know they are not that character.

I wonder if this is why statistics indicate that people die so close after retirement. They are entrenched in their work character. The importance of it and yet at the end of the day it is the false self.

The real you beyond your characters

Thinking of this, I see this in themes of past lives (reincarnation). When I go into past lives and I have seen many in myself, there is this ‘me’ feeling. It is very recognizable. In my training, I have been told to never argue with someone about the belief of past lives, just give them a session and let them see for themselves. The experience is undeniable.  The question is over (if the person can let go enough).  It is that ‘me’ I am after. The precious spirit of me. The very essence of it is what I feel is valuable and it is important to see it in others.

In conclusion, to see, not their characters and what they are trying to portray, but who they really are. The precious part of them and hold that in conversations. It is easy to see the faults, but the fun and discovery is in the preciousness of them and then maybe we will all get along and there really will be Peace.

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