Transpersonal Healing

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Transpersonal Healing For Awakening  Some of the greatest transpersonal healings can happen when you make a commitment to sessions over a period. Letting go of seeking immediate results. In other words, making a commitment to yourself to do this work, and not be on fix it mode.  Meaning, not coming with a pre-conceived idea of […]


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Distance Healing That is Experiential, Integrating and Awakening Over skype, most people find that it is like having Elle right there in the room with them, and feel very safe. If it does not work for you, you will not be charged. The energy work rests on Christ Consciousness. Schedule your Inner Journeying Session, Nature […]

Ayurvedic Oils

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Ayurvedic Oils for natural Healing and Devotional Assistance Ayurvedic Oils can be of assistance for healing your body and your spirit. It is important to realize, the ayurvedic oils can target different symptoms, and I believe we can use all the natural assistance that mother earth offers. Additionally, some oils can land a more devotional […]

Expansion Support

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Expansion Support Using Essences When going through an expansion of consciousness, it is beneficial to support your human electrical system.  You can recognize when your electrical system needs support as there is a very subtle current in your body. I came to know this current by muscle testing for essences every day over the course […]

A Prayer

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The power of prayer. This one is one of my all time favorites. When I say this prayer, I tune into the gold/white light above my head and let the light come through my voice stream.  So, feeling the gold and landing the gold with my voice stream into the room. Alone, I use a […]