Nature Activation Session – A Metaphysical Experience

Activation Prerequisite: You need to have a place in nature that brings you comfort and have been to.  It could even be as simple as your garden.  Bring your curiosity of discovery and receive the benefits that nature is wanting to give to you.

nature activationActivation: There are metaphysical energy wells all over the earth, and you instinctively gravitate to them. They give you energy and vitality. So, you might not have known about energy wells, but naturally it is why you love to go to certain areas in nature.  

In short, Elle has an ability to transport you energetically back to your special place in nature and take you into the energy well.  She facilitates, guides and guards you. Making sure that you are safe, held and protected while you interact with nature on it’s deepest mystical and spiritual level.

Expect surprises! Gifts! Delight! Healing! Guidance! Spiritual Awakening! Who from? The Celestial Beings, Nature Beings and Ascended Masters waiting to work with you on this metaphysical level.



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