A Prayer

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The power of prayer.

This one is one of my all time favorites. When I say this prayer, I tune into the gold/white light above my head and let the light come through my voice stream.  So, feeling the gold and landing the gold with my voice stream into the room. Alone, I use a white tapered candle and hold the flame with a hand field. Then voice stream the prayer onto the candle flame. In your session, I say it as you are the candle (the flame). Perhaps you would enjoy to do this for your loved ones. Sit quietly first and then sense the light or your heart and then say the prayer, so that you are not praying from the ordinary mind.

Prayer to the Source

Some love to shine
I shine through love.
Some are great by their might,
I am mighty by love.
Some love life and its delights.
Love is my life.
And my delight comes from the love that lives in you.

Some angels demand that men serve them
And feed on their rituals and lawful sacrifices.
He who loves my children performs my great ritual.
I ask for your love and curse you not.
When caught by forgetfulness you ignore my voice
And the seeds for eternal light which I have sown into your hearts.

My dear children in eternity I have waited for you since earlier than time.
Hasten along the path, that you may join me in highness and realize clouds were designed to be looked
at from above.

By Samuel Sagan in the book: Forever Love, White Eagle

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