Clear Energy Blocks and Get in touch with your Higher Self!
Yes we can!

 So many healers have tragic stories. Stories where they have been in some of the darkest places at some impactful time in their lives. It is spirit’s way to help them become healers, so that they know darkness and pain. They can help their clients with this deep pain as they have been there. For me, it is not so. It is not my gift. I have played most of my life. That is not to say I have not had troubles, but most of my pain has been self-inflicted by being a wild child. Riding motorbikes, horseback riding bareback and galloping through the woods when I wasn’t supposed to be. Driving fast and looking for excitement.

Play has been my way. Fun, and laughter. Friendships that are deep, yet light. Where we can cry, share a cup of tea, go for a long walk. I am good at girlfriend days. Where we can just hang out in our pajamas and talk all day, enjoy yummy food and delicious hot drinks.

This is what I bring to my healing practice. The lightness of being where I help those who are sensitive function in this dense human world. Butterflies in this world are not flying in the meadow. They are pinned to the peg board. Put in a box. We are told not to feel. Not to cry. Not to wear to much black. (I love black) and color, my gosh I enjoy the craziest color combos at times. Sometimes that inner laughter to rock society and its hum drumness. Always could, but heaven forbid if it is too out there. And don’t be too happy.

If you are one of these people who were told all your life that you were too sensitive, perhaps we can work together as that is where I have been. If your modus operandi is flight versus fight, checking out versus grounding. Finding yourself in fuzzy thinking because you are so Neptunian and yet this world doesn’t even understand what that means. Human density has been hard for me. Really, I am more from fairy than this planet and my gift is to help others who never quite felt they belonged. If that is you, I have been looking for you, my kindred spirit.

In this healing journey, if you were like me, you met up with human density and may have taken on a a fragmented energy or two as you didn’t quite know what to do in this human dense world. Checking out is one of the biggest ways to get attachments and ultra-sensitive people are extra good at checking out. I admit, I am a sensitive soul and because of it I knew something wasn’t quite right with my energy. The more I delved into this work the more I found I liked me and enjoyed clearing out other people’s belief systems, and ways of being that were foisted onto me.

Clearing Energy Blocks is great, but we will also find your Love of Self

As much as we will clear energy blocks, we will play with connection. Letting Spirit Connection guide the entire process to hold you and help you unravel what is not yours and find the prize of you underneath. The sparkle of human spirit that may even be from other planets. Yes, that is what we can unravel. The fairy, the Pleiadean, the Lyran, the Lemurian and yes most of all the human having a spirit connected life of joy and happiness.

There is more

We will clear past lives, this life and parallel lives, because humans have been cruel to each other and much of your pain today is imprinted from yesterday. We will pull you out of spaces of consciousness that you are caught in today. Many sensitive people have parts of them caught in void spaces such as the caverns of sickness. Many people suffering from chronic fatigue are caught in a space somewhere in time. This is what soul retrieval is about.

If you are ready to play, then schedule a free strategy session where we can meet each other over the phone. Feel each other out and see if this is something we would like to do together with spirit as the Leader.

Clear Energy Blocks with Elle

Elle is a Reiki Master specializing in clearing energy blocks with energy work. As well, she helps you integrate the divine feminine consciousness and the divine masculine consciousness.


This person shares her experience to clear energy blocks with Elle.

She talks of  about her experience of  samskaras and how it ran in the background of her daily existence. Correspondingly, clearing these and past life samskaras allows us to live authentically and have greater access to our intuition versus seeing the world through a wounded Self.

This person talks about her work to clear energy blocks with Elle of over a period of a year.

She demonstrates how clearing past lives and removing energy blocks can give you access to clearer thinking. Additionally, she discusses how she was able to access more self empowerment.

This person talks about her Energy Work with Elle to clear energy blocks intermittently for over a period of a year.

She demonstrates how energy work can allow you to release and clear emotions that are locked in the astral and physical body that keep you in a state of pain. Equally, clearing blockages allows you to integrate your higher self that is aligned with love and grace. This energy work is held in the connection of spirit and helps you step into the divine feminine consciousness and realize the divine masculine consciousness.

Whether you are a beginner or a serious meditator, one can always use the facilitation of the Divine from energy work and healing with another dedicated kindred spirit.

Schedule your free 45 minute strategizing session now.

Clear Energy Blocks


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