Welcome Spiritual Seekers! I’m Elle.

I am an advocate for expanding consciousness through inner healing, awakening and meditation.  

 I offer 3 types of sessions:

  • Nature Activation
  • Inner Journeying
  • Visioning


Mount Shasta

Nature Activation

Swim with the whales!
Interact with the Nature Beings on a deep soul level.
Receive a gift from nature into your subtle bodies!
Connect with a Celestial Being!

Ohhhhhhh, there is so much more!

There are energy wells all over the earth, and we instinctively gravitate to them. They give us energy. So, you might not have known about energy wells. However, naturally it is why you love to go to certain areas in nature.  Presently, you can reflect on a peaceful spot in nature and sense what I am talking about.

In short, I have an ability to transport you energetically back to your special place in nature and take you into the energy well.  I facilitate, guide and guard you. I make sure that you are safe, held and protected while you interact with nature on it’s deepest mystical and spiritual level.

Not everything in nature is loving. Accordingly, my years of experience and intense training know how to interact with all aspects for your greatest good, so that you are safe and receive the gift that nature is so wanting to pass and give to you.

Expect surprises! Delight! Healing! Guidance! Spiritual Awakening! Who from? The celestial beings, nature beings and divine light that are landed there waiting to work with you on this metaphysical level.

Spiritual Inner Journeying 

With over ten years of IST (inner space techniques) experience as a former student and IST Practitioner of Clairvision® School, and as a Reiki Master, I help seekers through the space of meditation release, heal, clear, integrate, and delve. I don’t think we can ever do to much of that.

My training incorporates Rudolf Steiner’s work, Vedic traditions, Egyptian teachings, Taoist practices and Christian traditions that centers on the heart. The focus is to awaken the body of energy on all levels of the physical, etheric and spirit. To bring people to their own truth. Walk with the Divine, and expand consciousness. 


Visioning rests on the space of meditation. We go beyond the chatty mind to where there is inner guidance and self awareness. This is a mini-session of 45 minutes.

From the comfort of your home. Sit vertically in a comfortable position over skype or the phone.  I guide you into a third eye meditation and together we will put vision on something you would like to see or incorporate in your life. Ultimately, we will land a seeing space where you will access your inner vision and deep knowing.

This mini session is good for realizing parts of the work we are doing together in Inner Journeying. Or, if you would like to talk to me, and work something out, or get guidance. It is from a very connected space that is not from the ordinary mental consciousness. Truly, your higher self is your greatest Coach.

Thank you for exploring with me.

May the light of your soul and the divine guide you along your way,

A real estate agent talking about working with Elle to move more into authenticity, stepping out of fear and removing the effects of past-life imprints in order to maximize her potential.

This person shares her experience to clear energy blocks with Elle.

She talks of  about her experience of  samskaras and how it ran in the background of her daily existence. Correspondingly, clearing these and past life samskaras allows us to live authentically and have greater access to our intuition versus seeing the world through a wounded Self.

This person talks about her work to clear energy blocks with Elle of over a period of a year.

She demonstrates how clearing past lives and removing energy blocks can give you access to clearer thinking. Also, how she was able to access more self empowerment.

This person talks about her Energy Work with Elle to clear energy blocks intermittently for over a period of a year.

She demonstrates how energy work can allow you to release and clear emotions that are locked in the astral and physical body that keep you in a state of pain. Equally, clearing blockages allows you to integrate your higher self, that is aligned with love and grace. This energy work is held in the connection of spirit and helps you step into the divine feminine consciousness and realize the divine masculine consciousness.

Whether you are a beginner or a serious meditator, one can always use the facilitation of the Divine from energy work and healing with another dedicated kindred spirit.

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Clearing energy blocks


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