“My work with Elle has been so many things- transformative, beautiful, challenging, and hopeful. I have expanded into realms of my experience of self that I have not contacted for years and which enrich my current life experience. I have experienced Elle as being incredibly committed to supporting my own healing in a way that I have not experienced other healers and/or therapists to be. Her modality of working is real and effective, and you will experience change in an incredibly meaningful way. I have been able to remember my innocence, magic, and gain excitement for how many possible ways that I can grow as I expand my experience of flow. Working with Elle is a journey of becoming whole in ways that you didn’t realize you could- it’s a way to tap into unshakable and pure self love.” MC


Elle is an advocate for expanding consciousness through inner healing by helping people slay their inner dragons through esoteric work based on meditation.  Behind the inner dragon is a beautiful, magical and infinite place of soul, Christ light that steps forward.



Breaking Through Barriers

A real estate agent talking about working with Elle to move more into authenticity, stepping out of fear and removing the effects of past-life imprints in order to maximize her potential.


Clearing Energy Blocks of Feeling Like an Outsider

She talks of  about her experience of  samskaras and how it ran in the background of her daily existence and stopped her from that sense of belonging. Correspondingly, clearing these and past life samskaras allowed her to step beyond the wounded Self.


Clearing energy blocks of foggy brained and being scattered.

She demonstrates how clearing past lives and removing energy blocks can give you access to clearer thinking. Also, how she was able to access more self empowerment and her will force.


Entity Clearing

She talks about the benefit of having an entity removed.

 Stepping into Christ Consciousness

She talks about releasing fear, sadness and deep loss and how her connection to Christ Consciousness came forward for her to rest on. 


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Clearing energy blocks



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