I hesitate to call myself a healer as there are so many connotations with that and I am aspiring to step away from my little Ego. I am actively stepping way from any character that one expects from an energy worker or spiritual character. I don’t believe my work is more ‘spiritual’ than your work. In fact it is my intention to help you step into your bigger parts that bring you delight into your life.  Truly my work enters into the realms of western shamanism. Lifting energies out of your energy and helping you land the beautiful parts of you that have left in childhood or are waiting for your retrieval.

Through healing energy and past life regression, this will be a sacred journey where you will align more and more with Source energy as we work together releasing old stories, habits, thoughts and issues that no longer serve you and replacing them with your true inner and magnificent light. Expect your body to energetically lighten and physical ailments to release.

If this is something you have been looking for, I welcome you to contact me.

Danielle Kerr-Wilson, B.A. (Psych)


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